The Beginning of the End

"...the team's roster has left many scratching their heads..."

Ranked 11th by ESPN

"Don't expect them to climb too far out of the gutter, but they might pull off a few upsets."

Ranked 11th by PC Gamer

"Season 1 is too soon for Uprising to challenge the top but they definitely could cause a couple of upsets."

Ranked 9th by Daily Mail

After five months, four stages, and forty matches, the OWL2018 Playoffs are here and the relatively unkown roster of Boston Uprising are still standing tall ready to fight. 

Only three match ups and one last meta-shift stand between Boston and the OWL2018 championship.

The players are ready.

The fans are ready.



Boston Uprising in stage 4

With a new stage, a new hero, and a new meta the previously aptly named Boston Uprising have been having trouble finding their footing with this new play style. 
After a perfect run through stage 3 Boston's fourteen game win streak came to a crashing halt against the uncharted territory of stage 4. With Brigitte being so strong at shutting down Winston and Tracer, Boston's nigh unstoppable dive pair of Gamsu and Striker have had to find a new way to play. Striker has had luck flexing to other DPS positions while Gamsu's Reinhardt skills struggle to keep up with others at this level of play. 
The map pool for stage 4 hasn't helped them either. With a lot of maps that favor a 'deathball' style of play most of which Boston has had trouble on in the past.
Add to this some interesting player choices, having Note on Zarya and Kalios on D.Va, alongside some uncharacteristic poor Ult management. The end result has been a very messy start to stage 4 for the blue and gold monster that is Boston Uprising.
No matter what happens, the season isn't over yet. Things started the same way for Boston Uprising, who currently hold the number three spot in the OWL standings, and there are still plenty of matches to go until the season finals.
It's also important to remember, never assume a Boston team is done. Just ask anyone from Atlanta.

A Tale of Two Casters

Overwatch is a fast paced game, even more so at the pro level, and without good casters a lot of what is happening is easily lost. In my opinion the biggest impact on the success of Overwatch League will be it's broadcasting team. I know it's early but this is the time to easily grab new viewers, and it's your casters that will acomplish this.
From my perspective Mitch "Uber" Leslie (@UberShouts) and Matthew “MR X” Morello(@MattMrX) or the best duo they have. Uber's high energy play by play commentary combined with Matt's strategic breakdown between team fights lends itself to a more enjoyable and engaging experience.
As for the desk itself, Chris Puckett(@MLGPuckett) has proven himself an able host with Soe Gschwind(@Soembie), Jonathan "Reinforce" Larsson(@Reinforce) and Josh "Sideshow" Wilkinson(@SideshowGaming) being the standouts for analysts.
Noticably absent is the voice of Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez(@GoldenboyFTW). Goldenboy was the host for the 2017 Overwatch world cup as well as a caster for Contenders season 1 and proved his capablilties in both roles.
To expand on what I stated earlier the bigest effect on viewership will be the abilty to track all that is happening in game from a single P.O.V. and these are the people and roles that will help you control that.

Overwatch League is here!

The first week of Overwatch League has reached it's end with Seoul Dynasty sitting at the top of standings along side LA Valiant, London Spitfire, and New York Excelsior. 
Surprising most was Dallas Fuel's outcome of 0-2. Made up of the former members of Team Envyus(plus xQc and Custa), Fuel was expected to be vieing for the top spot against Dynasty. However as this is only the first week of play, and their losses being against Dynasty and Valiant, I would say there isn't much for Fuel fans to be worried about just yet.
As we continue through the first stage of season 1 it will be interesting to see how the team's adjust their lineups now that they've had a chance to see the players in action. Of paticular note is Excelsior's substitute dps Pine who was swapped in on Ilios during both of New York's matches and proceeded to decimate the oppision with a seeming endless string of headshots. If he continues playing in this manner I'd expect him to quickly become a mainstay of the Excelsior lineup.
As I mentioned earlier this is only the first week, and I'm sure there will be many tweaks to rosters and team comps as the season progresses. San Francisco Shock will be missing two players until late march when both Sinatraa and Super turn Eighteen and become eligible for play. Hitscan legend Dafran is still unsigned after coming off his suspension from Overwatch competitive play, and former team Rogue players, aKm and Winz, are also still nowhere to be seen. However none of these three can be signed until the conclusion of stage 1, and by that point teams should know what they have, and what they'll need in the weeks to come.

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